GALA Must Sees

GALA this year is sure to be a wonderful and truly gay experience! If this is your first time attending GALA, like me, it’s possible you can be a bit overwhelmed with all of the goings-on. Well, the GALA Committee and myself is here to help! I’ve solicited suggestions from seasoned attendees and bring you an unbeatable list of a few must-see performances!

Michael Kirby is excited to see:

  • One Voice Chorus Charlotte. This concert is on Tuesday, 5 July at 3 pm in Boettcher Concert Hall. The only downside of this performance is that it takes place at the same time as Windy City, which is also sure to be a great show!
  • Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus. Kirby hails this as the best “show choir” you’ll have a chance to see! They perform Sat, 2 July at 5:30 pm in Buell Theatre.
  • Voices of Kentuckiana. This inclusive chorus from Louisville performs Monday, 4 July at 3 pm in Boettcher Concert Hall.
  • Schola Cantorosa. This chorus from Hamburg, Germany once sang a pre-GALA concert with CGMC! They will be performing their magical set on Tuesday, 5 July at 12 pm in Ellie Caulkins Opera House.
  • Seattle Women’s Chorus Coffee Concert is a new musical from Eric Lane Barnes! The performance is Sunday, 3 July at 10:30 am in Buell Theatre. If you want to attend this concert, be sure to sit in the back as our call time is 11:15 in a different theatre!

LT says that Tuesday Night’s “Late Night Ensemble” is always a riot! Groups like Captain Smartypants and The Lollypop Guild have a reputation for being smart, funny, and highly entertaining. And they each perform for just a few minutes so if something doesn’t strike your fancy, you’ll see a new act soon!

Ryan Rollinson is always most impressed by the passion found in some of the smaller LGBTQ+ Choruses. The choruses usually come from areas where being queer is more difficult. Being part of a chorus is a way for them to meet similar people and make music which can beautify the world! He also mentions that the smaller ensembles from the larger choruses are worth watching because it offers a chance for some of their members to really shine!

This is just a tidbit of the myriad performances that are appearing at GALA this year! Don’t forget to join the GALA Chorus Member Facebook Group to hear from attendees from other choruses sharing their thoughts and building community!

And if you don’t have a smart phone or just prefer to have a print out, you can find a printable schedule here and a list of all the choruses here!

Also check out Denver Gay Men’s Chorus’s Guide to GALA!

See you in Denver!