June 14, 2016 Peter Hillsman

GALA air travel reminders

Here are some helpful ideas to make your travel days to and from Denver run more smoothly.

1.       Make sure the name on your ticket matches your ID exactly

2.       Select your seats ASAP – flights can be overbooked, especially on a holiday weekend. Check into your flight online 24 hours prior to departure.

3.       Confirm flights with airlines a few days prior to travel.

4.       There WILL be charges for checked baggage (exception Southwest Airlines) AND in most cases for carryon luggage as well.  Do some research in advance and be prepared. There is also a hefty fee for changing flights – sometimes more than the cost of the ticket.

5.       Validate your actual travel times (these can change and sometimes are not communicated via the airlines appropriately).

6.       TSA security line wait times are ridiculous these days – download the MYTSA (Android) or MiFlight (Apple) app which will tell you how long security lines are.

7.       It is better to check your baggage when traveling over a holiday weekend.  Make a copy of your airline ticket and place it in your checked luggage.  Also, do not discard your baggage claim ticket until you have your bags in your possession.

8.       Check out the US Dept of Transportation air travel tips:  https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer/air-travel-tip

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