June 12, 2016 Brandon Trumfio

GALA Perfomance Attire

We will be wearing concert blacks. (Black dress shoes, black socks, black dress pants, black belt, black collared long sleeve button down dress shirt)

The black shirts will be buttoned to the top to hide your secret shirt underneath.During the set we will remove our black shirts to reveal our ‘pop of color’ shirts underneath. The idea is to show your personality; the louder the better.

Your reveal shirt needs to be Pink, Purple, or Royal Blue…or anything in the spectrum of the image at the top of this post.

Revealed shirt can be any type of shirt, tank, vest, or blouse with the following notes:
-It has to fit under your black shirt; please check to make sure!
-Please no text or graphics on the shirt underneath. 
-Sequins, studs and rhinestones are OK.
-Patterns are OK as long as the colors of the pattern all fit in the color spectrum, or black. (In other words, a purple shirt with GREEN paisley/stripes/checks/dots WOULD NOT be OK; a purple shirt with BLUE paisley/stripes/checks/dots WOULD be OK.)
-The shirt should not be so skimpy that it reveals your nipples or navel.
-Pastel colors are NOT OK; all the colors should be bright; not pale or washed out.
If you have nothing suitable in your closet, and do not want to incur the financial hardship to purchase something, please see Jimmy.
If you think you have something good but aren’t sure, bring it to rehearsal and show LT.
If you have an option you’d like to loan to another member, bring it to rehearsal we’ll see if someone wants to borrow it.

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