March 27, 2016 Peter Hillsman

Important information about financial assistance

With GALA roughly 3 months away, now is when we need to complete the process for the GALA fund awards.  This will happen in a three step process.

1.       (Confirmation – by Tuesday March 29th) If you requested assistance, you should have received an email from Michael Roman confirming your request. If you no longer need the assistance, please indicate that in your response to Michael’s email. Funds for assistance are limited; letting us know you no longer need assistance will enable us to provide support to members who are unable to attend without this help.

2.       (Agreement – by Friday April 15th) During the week of April 15th you will receive a contract that you must sign and attest to before any expenditure for assistance can be made.  Assistance will be provided in the form of Festival registration, air fare and hotel accommodations.  Once you sign your contract and agree to the terms, the GALA committee will make your arrangements and contact you directly to ensure they fit your schedule and meet your needs.

3.       (Finalization – Through Saturday May 20th) In the month of April/May recipients will (where applicable) have GALA registrations put in their name, be provided hotel accommodation confirmations and roommate assignments and/or receive airline tickets for your travel.  You must keep the GALA committee aware of any changes made to these gifts as they will be tracked per your agreement.

If you have any questions, please email GALA@CGMC.ORG

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